Meet our Chef for this Saturday 06/17 Walter Caron of Ninos

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Another great Chef demo for you this Saturday 06/17. Walter Caron will be making.

Shrimp Carone !!!  recipe for 4 people.
ingredients - 
24 uncooked Shrimp,   
1 large Pepper color of your choice, 
Medium Onion,
glove of garlic, 
Extra virgin olive oil, 
Marinara sauce, 
Pasta of your choice. 

Slice onion into strips , slice pepper into strips , peel and crush 3 toes of garlic or buy diced garlic. Start with medium heat and add 2 oz of Extra virgin oil and cook peppers, onions and garlic till tender add Shrimp when peppers an onions are done sauté shrimp till light pink and add Marinara Sauce to pan season with Salt an pepper , dash of parsley ( I prefer fresh) cook all together for about 4 minutes and pour over cooked Pasta .when all is ready